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Many city residents live in leased flats and apartments for many years. Lots of students, tourists and those on business trips arrive to their destinations daily. All of them need somewhere to stay whilst they are in town. Our community will help such people solve their housing problem. Members of this community are owners of property and flats in the city, who are looking forward to lease and find tenants. If you need to lease a flat or a room you can share your offer here with other users of the group, who are searching for a place to stay. A wide demand along with a broad range of offers will assist you in finding the perfect match. You can chat, ask question and see pictures of the property. You have a unique ability to lease and rent flats without any third parties. No secret that any agency or private company that participates as an agent gains it's commissions and benefits, where either the landlord or the tenant lose money or even both. Find right here and right now directly and absolutely free. There is no need to lose your earnings. Find your ideal flat to stay that would fit your preference or lease your real estate for the most attractive rates on the market.

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Rent an apartment / a room Chelyabinsk
Vlad Chelyabinsk

Vlad 23 years

Rent an apartment / a room, Looking for a companion for a trip abroad, Looking for a wife, Looking for a woman for open relationship, Looking for friends to have a drink together,