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Have you ever thought while looking at the world around, that it could be made a little better and prettier? And not just thought, but at the same time known how to make it? If you know that feeling, then you are most likely a creative person. If you get such feelings all the time, then there is no doubt that you belong to creative people. A creative person expresses himself by creation – first in his imagination, then in the world around. Such personality is the whole world itself: original, boundless and unpredictable. The only thing you can definitely tell about a creative person is that he is always in search, particularly in search of fellows of his kind. This society is made to gather creative people from all over the world on one comfortable platform to communicate and share their creativity. Here you will find new friends, who are very different from each other. They have only one thing in common: a real passion for creativity. Join us and together we can make more. You’ll see that collaborative creativity is interesting and amusing. Join this global community of creative people and hop in an endless contest, the purpose of which is not a competition, but a personal growth and a search for new ideas!

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Creative personality Moscow
Наталия Moscow

Наталия 30 years

Creative personality, Looking for friends to communicate
Ленусик Moscow

Ленусик 24 years

Creative personality, Go for a walk together, Go out to nightclubs together, Go to the cinema together, Looking for a boyfriend, Looking for friends to communicate
Наталья Moscow

Наталья 50 years

Creative personality, Do yoga together, Go for a walk together, Go to concerts together (exhibition, theaters), Looking for friends to communicate
Александр Moscow

Александр 41 year

Creative personality, Looking for a girlfriend
Алиса Moscow

Алиса 32 years

Creative personality, Go dancing together, Go fitness training together, Go out to nightclubs together, Go shopping together, Go to anticafe together
Женя Воронин Moscow

Женя Воронин 20 years

Creative personality, Play consoles together Xbox/PS
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