There have been ongoing debates on which console is better: Xbox or PS. In our community you can also express your opinion and share your thoughts about this issue. But the main idea of the “Play Xbox/PS together” community is the possibility to find new friends and like-minded people. You can not only discuss your common interests and share experience and secrets of successful pass of your favorite games, but play together in a real life. A large variety of different console games grows on not only children and teenagers, but also on adults. Exciting Xbox and PS games win millions of hearts easily. In 1994 Sony PS consoles came out first. They began gaining popularity in many countries. It was a real revolution in the game world. It had been expected for a long time, that’s why their market appearance wasn’t a surprise. However, its developer’s success exceeded all expectations. Xbox was released several years later, and gained popularity as PS at once. Since that time hot arguments on what game is better have been going on. At any time in our community you can meet new interesting people who can share your interests. Do you have difficulties in passing a game? Don’t you know what to do? Your new-found friends in the community will surely help you. For a cooperative game you can always choose a person who completely complies with all your requirements and your way of thinking. Do you want to play with a perfect stranger, as you believe it would be much more interesting? There won’t be any problems with that. Bring in contact, communicate and play together anytime.

Play consoles together Xbox/PS USA
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Bruce Campbell 23 years

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Lukas 51 year

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Fletcher San Diego

Fletcher 26 years

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