Speak English together is a community for those who are interested in English culture and the English language. Who want to improve the language skills. Who like to learn English, but who lack the language practice. If you want to overcome your language barrier, get rid of shyness and the idea that you will not be understood by foreigners, so join us! In our community you will be able to communicate in English, practice your pronunciation and improve your knowledge. You always wanted to speak English, but you do not know any foreigner?! Speak with us and you will succeed!

Language exchange USA
Dana San Diego

Dana 35 years

Language exchange, Go shopping together, Go to the cinema together, Play paintball together, Train at the gym together
Emilie Dallas

Emilie 25 years

Language exchange, Looking for friends to communicate, Looking for friends to go cycling, Looking for friends to have a drink together, Play paintball together
Sophie Los Angeles

Sophie 35 years

Language exchange, Do yoga together, Go fitness training together, Go jogging together, Go to the cinema together,
Amun Hotep Brooklyn

Amun Hotep 25 years

Language exchange, Bed and breakfast, Can show the city, Do winter sports together, Go dancing together, Go fitness training together
Luis Houston

Luis 45 years

Language exchange, Do yoga together, Double date, Go for a walk together, Go jogging together,
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