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If you consider yourself as a nationalist and you are concerned about the surrounding decay. If you believe that you can do your best for the economic, political and cultural development of your people, then join our community. Here you will find nationalist comrades, who feel a duty to express their pride of their nation. Together you will be able to promote your nationalist agenda even more effectively, reclaim historical and cultural values, which were passed upon us from our forefathers. Each nationalist honestly wishes good and prosperity for his kinsmen. Uniting together will assist in achieving even greater common goals, especially if the people around you share the same views. Share your ideas and views with other members of the community concerning the current and the future. Any time you can discuss here the most important news concerning politics and news, share your thoughts about great historical events, which influenced the modern world. Throughout history nationalism played a progressive role in the development of self-determination and self-esteem alongside with commitment and loyalty of the community to it's homeland. Join this community, invite your friends who share your views and values. Together we stand strong and solid on a common view that nationalist ideas should be spread more then ever before so that we would be heard by all. The more people hear us - the more join us and follow.

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Nationalist USA
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