Doing winter sports together is much more cheerful and interesting. After becoming a member of our society, you’ll be always able to find friends of interests, who share the same views and interests practicing the same sports. If you like ice-skating but it is always boring to do it alone because nobody of your friends can’t do that, it’s time to find new friends with whom you can go skating and spend a great time. Are you planning to go skiing and can’t find a good company? In our society you can easily find people who would love to go with you. Somebody does winter sports seriously and professionally, and somebody just enjoys spending free time like that. Each and every member of this society can find people which they lack to do winter sports together and communicate. You can share your knowledge and skills, and learn from the experience of the others, more professional members. This time together will let somebody share his experience, and give a possibility to the beginners to learn from the professionals. Anytime members of the community can communicate, share their news and achievements.

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John Walker Bourne

John Walker 37 years

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Michael San Antonio

Michael 40 years

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Amun Hotep Brooklyn

Amun Hotep 25 years

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Leigh Dowden Dallas

Leigh Dowden 47 years

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Chicityswag Chicago

Chicityswag 43 years

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