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Enjoy walking with dogs together? You cannot imagine your life without a good and faithful four-legged friend? Our community is for you! You will learn all about how funny and exciting can be walking with dogs together. What are the features of dog walking of different breeds, the best time to walk with the pet. All this and much more about the life of your pets you can always discuss with the dog owners, who live in different parts of the world. To walk with dogs together is necessary as often as possible. And there is no difference what breed you have. And good-natured St. Bernard, and a small Dachshund or Pekingese loves walking very much. Any dog needs walking not just for satisfying it natural needs. Every time your pet will learn something new, getting to know the world around him. Pet will have the opportunity to communicate with other animals, try to find a common language with them. Also your dog will learn new things, recognize new smells, can learn to behave properly in different situations. A dog needs to be in a good physical shape. It needs to run and play. And every owner has a unique opportunity to educate and train his/her dog. Want to impress everyone around by cultural and intelligent dog, who perfectly understands all of your commands? This requires only your patience and a little time. And your best friend always will be glad for communicating with you and learning. Do it in a funny playful way, compliment your dog every time when he/she succeeds. Treat your pet with respect, and the dog will always answer you with devotion and affection. The experienced dog-breeders will always help you with useful tips. There is nothing more valuable than own experience that dog owners will always be ready to share with you. In our community you will find friends who have the same dog breed that you have. Someone just got a faithful friend and at someone this pet has been living for many years. Dog owners of different breeds, both beginners and experienced, always find themes for communication.

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Emily Belo Horizonte

Emily 34 years

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Nolan 35 years

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Mason 26 years

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Kate 37 years

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Philippe 31 year

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Ethan 31 year

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Adriaan 30 years

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