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Go dancing together is a community for those who can not stand still under the music rhythms and who always have dreamed to dance beautifully. For those for whom life is movement and dancing is their life! In this community you can share dance classes information and go practice dancing together. Maybe you like certain dancestyles (e.g., Hip-hop, Jazz-funk, House, Vogue, Locking, Poppin,Twerk, Dancehall, Pole Dance) and you are looking for a dance partner, here you can easily find someone who wants to keep you company. You will understand the world of dance and its elegance together. And if you think that dancing will never fade-out and you are ready to improve your dance skills level, this community is for you.

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Go dancing together Londrina
Luiz Penna Londrina

Luiz Penna 20 years

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