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The older we get, the more everyday routine captures us: home, work, children, and rare weekends. And then all over again – home, work… One can hardly ever escape from this whirlpool, as you have to do the breadwinning, pay for a home mortgage, pay for a car credit and buy new things. Of course, all of this is our living base, and we can’t do without it. But in this everyday pursuit of money, prestige and glory one shouldn’t forget about the mind. As well as the body it needs everyday care, and to feel wella man needs to feel positive emotions and vivid impressions. However, each adult person chooses for himself what is more important, but one should never forget about children. The more a young mind acquires different information, especially fine one, the more chances a person can get to become a balanced and happy man in his adult life. Contemplating pieces of art in a museum, enjoying classical music in a Philharmonic Hall, watching and feeling empathy to actors in a theatre - all of this is a simple and quick way to relax and revive. But what if there are no fans of new concerts, museums, theatres, exhibitions in your environment? Never say die, because on our portal you will find a person to share your emotions about the concert or performance with. On our site you can choose a partner for an evening or for a permanent time according to your requirements: gender, age, hobbies etc.If you enjoy visiting museums, exhibitions and other expanding events, please register as a friend, who can keep another person company.

Go to concerts together (exhibition, theaters) Calgary
Jer Calgary

Jer 31 year

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Debra Calgary

Debra 32 years

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Vicky Calgary

Vicky 32 years

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