Junior 23 years

no gain in troubles


Junior 23 years
Sex Male
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Registration date 09.12.2018


Country: Benin
Region: Oueme
City: Porto Novo


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Purpose of dating: Bed and breakfast, Can help with renting, Can show the city, Do winter sports together, Do yoga together, Find roommates to share an apartment, Free photoshoot (TFP), Go dancing together, Go fitness training together, Go for a walk together, Go jogging together, Go out to nightclubs together, Go shopping together, Go to anticafe together, Go to concerts together (exhibition, theaters), Go to the beach together, Go to the cinema together, Language exchange, Looking for a girlfriend, looking for a partner to meet girls, Looking for friends to go cycling, Play football together, Play paintball together, Take pictures together, To go on a camping trip together, Train at the gym together, Walk with children together
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