Ali Ovezov 19 years


Ali Ovezov 19 years
Sex Male
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Registration date 09.12.2018


Country: Australia
Region: New South Wales
City: Sydney


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Purpose of dating: Go fitness training together, Go for a walk together, Go jogging together, Go out to nightclubs together, Go shopping together, Go to concerts together (exhibition, theaters), Go to the beach together, Go to the cinema together, Language exchange, Looking for a companion for a trip abroad, Looking for a girlfriend, Looking for friends to communicate, Looking for friends to go cycling, Play paintball together, Train at the gym together
Additional: Patriot
Nationality: American
Religion: Islam
About: Young, energetic, sympathetic, smart guy. Hobbies are: reading, swimming, music, extremal sportarts, walking and thinking. I am looking for funny english girl. I assure make her happy.
I want to learn: Jump from the parachute and hiking.
I can teach: How to think useful and enjoy the life.
Favorite movies: The Secret, mind on fire, Titanic and the other melodramas.
Favorite music: White lynx- let it be, Martin garrix- there for you, dua lipa.....
Favorite books: Think and get rich, woman in gray costumecostume, ...
Offering type: Pay for trip in half
Offer: Ищу друзей попутчиков в Австралию.
Country preferences: Australia
Additional: Camping, Clubs, bars, I speak English, I speak Russian, Looking for adventures, Only for gents, Pay in half, Skydiving, Сycling
Planned months for travel: April 2018
Planned budget from: 2000 USD | 2000 USD
Planned budget to: 5000 USD | 5000 USD
Gender preferences: No matter
Not younger then: 18
Not older then: 25
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