Chicityswag 44 years


Chicityswag 44 years
Sex Male
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Registration date 07.04.2019


Country: USA
Region: Illinois
City: Chicago
Area: Rogers Park


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Purpose of dating: Do winter sports together, Go for a walk together, Go to concerts together (exhibition, theaters), Go to the beach together, Go to the cinema together, Language exchange, Looking for a girlfriend, Play consoles together Xbox/PS, Play paintball together, Train at the gym together, Train martial arts together
Additional: Democrat, Football fan, Gamer, Liberal, Patriot, Rap/Hip-Hop, Streamer
Nationality: African, American, Mexican
Religion: Christianity
About: I am looking for companionship getting to know someone dating first. I've been out of this game for over 20 years and don't fault me if I'm not saying the right things I'm not used to this but I am willing to meet women and hopefully find the one anything else you want to know please hit my line.
I want to learn: How to be more patient.
I can teach: You how to repair any PC laptop or cell phone. I can show you how to watch any movie any TV show or sporting event or pay-per-view old or new online free with no subscription or commercials. I can also teach you how to game like a pro on PS4 or Android. My IQ is in the 120s but I was born and raised in the hood of Chiraq I still went to school learned the books and stayed street smart. I am the true definition of a real nigga no fake shit here. Get to know me and you will know I like what I like and if I like you I will give you the world all I ask is for a modicum of reciprocity. That's it that's all
Favorite movies: There are too many to name but I like most of the classics I tend to gravitate toward action more than drama movies
Favorite music: Real trap $hyt/ChIraq Drill Old skool R&B
Favorite books: Too many to name. Anything Stephen King
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