Emmanuel Tailey 23 years


Emmanuel Tailey 23 years
Sex Male
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Registration date 22.12.2018


Country: Liberia
Region: Montserrado
City: Monrovia


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Purpose of dating: Looking for a girlfriend
Additional: Creative personality, Democrat, Extreme person, Football fan, Jazz, blues
Nationality: African
Religion: Christianity
About: I'm an Humanitarianism, Motivational, Inspirer, Leader, Entrepreneur, Defender Of Democratic Principles, Protector Of Egalitarianism, Anti Racist, Sports Lover, Scholar, Philanthropist and Philosopher.
I want to learn: I wanna land the culture and way of life of the people outside my country
I can teach: I can help in mentoring people who are physically challenged, heart broken, traumatized and even those who are not
Favorite movies: Legend Of The Seeker Merlin Julius Ceaser Macbeth
Favorite music: We Are The World
Favorite books: The Gods Are Not To Blame Odepius Complex Julius Ceaser Macbeth Romeo and Juliet Merchant Of Venice The Rain And The Night Christianity, Islam and Negros
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