Анастасия 41 year


Анастасия 41 year
Sex Female
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Registration date 22.09.2019


Country: France
Region: Ile-del-France
City: Paris


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Purpose of dating: Do yoga together, Free photoshoot (TFP), Go for a walk together, Go to the cinema together, Language exchange, Looking for a boyfriend, Looking for a husband, Looking for friends to communicate, Take pictures together
Additional: Chanson, Traveller
Nationality: French, Russian
Religion: Believing in a community of people (Marcus Aurelius), Buddhism, Christianity, Good and advantage (Socrates)
About: Живу в Париже с 2011 года, родом из Москвы. Люблю путешествия, прогулки, Природу, фотографировать.
Offer: Уверенно иду по жизни, каждый день нам дарит много новых открытий, вижу стакан наполовину полным.
Height: 178 cm / 5'10''
Weight: 65 kg / 143 lbs
Body type: Average
Flat: Renting
Earning: Average income
Car: No car
Married: Never married before
Kids: No kids
Smoking: No
Drinking: No
Additional: Christian, Dog friendly, Healthy life style, I speak French, I speak Russian, Looking for a man to create a family, Looking for asian soulmate, Looking for caucasian soulmate, Never married before, No bad habbits, No children
Partner gender: Male
Partner age from: 38
Partner age to: 48
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