Adam Dowidar 31 year


Adam Dowidar 31 year
Sex Male
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Registration date 05.08.2018


Country: Egypt
Region: Al Qahirah
City: Nasr City


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Purpose of dating: Go dancing together, Go fitness training together, Go jogging together, Go out to nightclubs together, Go shopping together, Go to concerts together (exhibition, theaters), Go to the beach together
Offering type:
Offer: Looking for travel companions for a trip to anywhere in the world in any time
Country preferences: Abkhazia, Afghanistan, Algeria, Andorra, Anguilla
Gender preferences: Female
Not younger then: 18
Not older then: 45
Accommodation type: Room
Terms of accommodation: room in apartment the fifth floor (without elevator) close to the airport
Gender preferences: No matter
Max number of guests: 2
Not younger then: 18
Not older then: 50
Price per night: 25 USD

the room reception eating table
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