Mubarek Abdu 23 years


Mubarek Abdu 23 years
Sex Male
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Registration date 12.08.2018


Country: Ethiopia
Region: Harerge
City: Dire Dawa


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Purpose of dating: Do winter sports together, Go for a walk together, Go to concerts together (exhibition, theaters), Language exchange, Looking for a girlfriend, looking for a partner to meet girls, looking for a partner to meet guys, To go on a camping trip together
Nationality: African
Religion: Islam
I want to learn: Playing dota game, photographing.
Favorite movies: titanic
Favorite music: bob marley song ..bufalo the ...
Offering type: You pay for Mubarek Abdu
Offer: Looking for travel companions for a trip to Thailand in the winter.
Country preferences: Bulgaria, Guernsey, Iraq, Jamaica, Mauritania
Gender preferences: Male
Not younger then: 22
Not older then: 24
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