Sandie 43 years


Sandie 43 years
Sex Female
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Registration date 13.01.2019


Country: USA
Region: Oklahoma
City: Oklahoma City


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Purpose of dating: Looking for friends to communicate
Additional: Gamer, Tattoo fan
Nationality: Caucasian
About: Just a mom, kinda shy and love deep conversations. Prefer small groups, like to be behind the scene. Creative, intuitive, spiritual.
I want to learn: Gardening
I can teach: Baking
Favorite movies: Troy, paranormal, VHS, 300.
Favorite music: Hard rock/metal, electronic
Favorite books: Horror, suspense
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Sandie Oklahoma City

Sandie 43 years

Looking for friends to communicate
Evelyn Oklahoma City

Evelyn 27 years

Do winter sports together, Do yoga together, Find roommates to share an apartment, Go for a walk together, Go shopping together
Mike Spears London
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