Byron Raymond 29 years


Byron Raymond 29 years
Sex Male
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Registration date 11.03.2018


Country: Canada
Region: Alberta
City: Medicine Hat


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Purpose of dating: Do winter sports together, Language exchange, Looking for a companion for a trip abroad, Looking for a girlfriend, Looking for friends to communicate
About: I grew up on a farm, so I'm a country boy. I like travelling and spending time at the lake. I keep busy with activities like snow boarding, wake boarding and dirt biking. Looking to just meet people from other countries and see what happens.
I can teach: Snow boarding, wake boarding, Dirt biking
Offering type: Pay for trip in half
Offer: Looking for a travel companion for Europe
Country preferences: Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine
Additional: I speak English, Looking for adventures, Pay in half
Planned months for travel: September 2018
Planned budget from: 7000 CAD | 5284.8 USD
Planned budget to: 8000 CAD | 6039.8 USD
Gender preferences: Female
Not younger then: 22
Not older then: 29
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