Tara Vandeveer 44 years


Tara Vandeveer 44 years
Sex Female
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Registration date 03.06.2018


Country: USA
Region: Missouri
City: Blue Springs


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Purpose of dating: Do yoga together, Find roommates to share an apartment, Go dancing together, Go fitness training together, Go out to nightclubs together, Go shopping together, Go to the beach together, Go to the cinema together, Language exchange, looking for a partner to meet guys
Additional: Alcohol lover, Blogger, Creative personality, Healthy lifestyle, Tattoo fan, Traveller
Nationality: American, German, Spanish
Religion: Believing in a community of people (Marcus Aurelius), Buddhism, Christianity, Harmony with nature, Humanism
About: I'd love to play on my Xbox or watch adult cartoons or movies.
I want to learn: More about Adobe Creative Suite, Sports
I can teach: Life skills, photography, hair styles
Favorite movies: Movie Addict
Favorite music: Pop, R&B, Country, Rock, Classical
Favorite books: Why? I read on the internet
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